Look up and feel the dream; A Western Japanese prefecture is taking measures to conserve starry nights

NewsBharati    23-Dec-2017

Tottori, December 23: Lying under a starry sky and gazing at that unknown dark space seems like a dream or something happens in films only. Do we not have a starry sky? We have but the over-urbanization and all artificial lights have taken away the charm. A place in western Japan has altogether a scheme to attract tourists by promoting starry nights. Now, the Japanese prefecture has banned the use of searchlights and laser beams in principle.

Tottori prefectural government has enacted an ordinance to preserve the views of those beautiful starry nights and pass them onto the next generation. These kinds of rules are being set by a Japanese prefecture to specifically conserve starry sky. The ordinance wills take effect from next April.

The local government has even launched a "Catch the Star" campaign to attract tourists. The beautifully named campaign says the Milky Way is visible from any part of Tottori and that a shooting star can be seen even when a meteor shower is not taking place.

The ordinance designates some areas as "starry sky preservation areas". These special areas offer a fantastic view of beautiful stars. Those areas have stricter rules for installation and use of lighting apparatus.

"It was great that (assembly members) recognized the value of starlit sky and agreed to preserve it. We want to make a fresh pitch of the rich nature to many people," Tottori Gov. Shinji Hirai told.