More power to women empowerment, promoting organic products by rural women

NewsBharati    29-Dec-2017

New Delhi, December 29: Women empowerment has always seen the light of the day. Many women have come forward and proved their worth of making a change in the stereotype society. So, in order to appreciate the efforts and promote the sale of organic products by women, a festival was organized in the Dilli Haat, New Delhi called as ‘Organic Products by Women’.


This festival was organized for appraising and encouraging women to create and enhance their talent in any sector possible. This festival mainly focused on the women farmers and women entrepreneur of the rural areas. Women from rural areas has come in this festival with their organic products like edible oil, cereals, honey, rice, coffee, cow dung air purifier, wild edible forest products, and many other things. The government has always supported and exhilarated such initiatives for women empowerment.

A section of the society were the female are at times treated inferior and to encourage them such festivals are an attempt to praise their ability to prove their worth. Therefore with the support of the Women and Child Development department the government has presented this festival for women to come ahead and make a change. Such initiatives have been supported by various NGO(Non-Government Organization), VO(Voluntary Organization) who provide loan to women farmers and help them cultivate new crops and activities under the SHG (Self Help Group) member for organic farming and products.