India into the ferocious jaws of 'freedom of expression'

News Bharati English    04-Mar-2017   

One wonders what the criteria of good journalism are. Is it that to find out a few “brats” and pat on their back who all pose a threat to the nation?

Unlike in any other countries in the world, this is a glaring fault-line noticed in India. Well, is it the journalistic propriety to applaud and make heroes of such treacherous youths who speak the language of terror and “defend” the activities of terrorists?

Have we forgotten that terrorists have badly harmed our nation for decades by killing thousands and thousands of the innocent civilians? And are all other oddballs who think for the country and advocate for the integrity of the nation? Is to defend one’s nation and speak for its security and integrity a jingoism and fascism? The citizens are too confused and wary.

For instance, if your murderous neighbours attack your home, should your all children not stand up and shout on top of their voice for the protection. Should not they, by all means, try to safeguard your/their “dwelling premises” and properties? But, what will be the consequences and the family solidarity if a couple of your own “children” join the enemy camp and start cursing you and your own ancestors? Will you then say that your kids have become mature and liberal that they are now exercising their “freedom of expression”?

Well, going by the posture and modus operandi of a certain top media your estranged children are not just the “normal” but they deserve the praises for being hostile to you, your family and your kith and kin. As per the standpoint of the present-day media, in the name of “freedom of expression”, your children, if they feel, can gleefully provoke your inhumane neighbours to throw a few stones at your mother (your children’s granny…). No exaggeration, this I have expressed what I have observed with my unbiased conscience.

Because, till date, I’ve not been affected by the opium of ultra-intellectualism, which has doped many of our unsuspecting youths. 

Further, going by the news items, editorials and articles published in front-ranking newspapers and magazines filled our minds with a pall of despondency. What is strange, the media is leaving no stone unturned to portray the seditious Kanhaiya Kumar, Umar Khalid, Shehla Rashid etc. as innocent as kids. But ones who fear these vicious wolves and scream against the looming shadow of subversive forces then they are branded as bigoted and chauvinistic “bhaktas”.

So, why to hold back --- now stand tall on the “raised platform” of your “University” and spit the “venom” against the country. Put your bold foot forward to solute those who bombed Mumbai, Delhi, Pathankot... This all falls within your “right to dissent” and “Freedom of Expression” --- your coveted intellectual exercise. 

You need not fear anyone anymore because “Mr MEDIA” will reach right your doorstep to praise your valour, shake your hand and hug you.