Coke studio Africa and South Africa merges to create more inspirational sounds

News Bharati English    30-May-2017

Nairobi, May 30: Remember the last news you read on Africa- either it’s about poverty or about corruption, terrorism.  Amidst the pile of all these, everyone seems to forget about Africa’s rich natural and cultural variety. Music is always the soul of Africa. To help out the talented musicians from the continent, Coca-Cola started Coke Studio Africa in 2012. Coke Studio Africa is a non-competitive music collaboration show. Due to the fusion of music, the platform for musicians- Coke Studio Africa won the heart of not only Africans but people across the globe. To make the show more enriched, Coke Studio Africa and Coke Studio South Africa is are merging into one, bigger, better Coke Studio Africa 2017.

African music has contributed to many famous music genres like Jazz, Hip-Hop. But the talented musicians never used to get the international exposure. Music Lovers also missed the essence of African music. Coke Studio Africa celebrates the diversity of African music and talent. Lucy Odour, Marketing Manager, Kenya- Coca-Cola CEWA has said that she is happy to see Coca-Cola’s participation in such venture.

The merger has increased the number of participatory countries from 11 to 16. This season will broadcast in more than 30 countries across Africa. “Coke Studio Africa showcases Africa’s incredible music by combining different artists and genres to inspire a new generation of African music fans. With the expanded show, we aim to bring the continent alive through a fusion of music and culture that celebrates our diversity,” said Monali Shah, the Senior Content Excellence Manager for Coca-Cola Southern and East African Business Unit and Coke Studio Africa Project Director.

With more participatory countries, Coke Studio will be more enriched. Different musicians from the countries will result into better fusions.  Like the previous season, this Coke Studio will also bring inspirational sounds.