Summer is happy in Russia with vibrant festivals

News Bharati English    08-May-2017

Moscow, May 8: The season of bright, light and sparkling- it is summer in Russia. Summer is the favorite season of travelers to visit the land. A mid-afternoon heat wave may de-intensify the pleasure of summer but Siberia will soothe you with colorful festivals. Here is the list of festivals that will blow any traveler’s mind.

The Mir Sibiri Festival:

Mir Sibiri, the phrase means the world of Russia. In this festival, you can really see all people from Russia in one day. The location of the festival is Shushenskoye, a remote settlement in Krasnoyarsk Territory.  This is the festival of art, craft, and folk music. If you are a guest of the festival, you will get little different places to stay. You will sleep with the smell of soil in a wooden cottage or in children’s summer camp with its spring beds.

The girls start their morning by collecting dew from the grass in the field with ribbons.  Then they wash their face with the fresh due. It symbolizes how revitalizing it is to start a day with fresh greenery of nature. This is a festival where everyone goes back to the root, The Mother Nature traditional attires, and folk arts. A diverse display of cultures, nations and ethnic dress will be there.

Tun Pairam: The Khakassian festival of the first ayran

What is Aryan? Aryan is a fermented dairy drink, the main diet of livestock herders. In the later part of June, the first is pastured by livestock’s herbs. This is the time when Nomads start returning to home after abandoning nomadic life.  The festival is celebrated with rituals, folk games, and contests, singing, and dancing.  With the chanting of folk music, the performance of natives, the place becomes a land of absolute happiness. The sound of the drums and Tuvan throat singing may steal the thunder from others. The open space makes the mind devoid of fear, hesitation, anger, greed. People here gain knowledge, not from pages of books but from the pages of experience.

The Yordynsky Games: Friendly competition for the strongest people

The sacred mountains Yokhe Yord and Baga Yord host the festival. Cricket and football are not the only sports in the universe.  This festival reminds that with a variety of games.  This place may not give you comfort but will give you a lifetime experience. wrestlers with their skill show their strength against one another. Horsemen participate in races with speed in the soul. Archers shoot at targets with traditional bows. Weightlifters have to lift and move a stone which weighs 110 to 125 kilograms. A pagan exhibition of speed, strength, courage is ready to amuse you.

Russia is ready for summer with its varied heritage to make a permanent place in any traveler’s heart.