Japan wants to expand the sharing of defense equipment with South East Asia

News Bharati English    12-Jun-2017

Tokyo, June 12: Japan once became the victim of the nuclear attack. Since then they hesitated to make arm deal with any country. Recently japan’s lower house passed the nuclear deal of Japan and India. According to local news report, Japan is seeking to increase its sales of military equipment to Southeast Asian nations. Japan is facing tension in political relation with North Korea and China. Hence it wants to expand its arms deals with South East Asian nations.

China has already expanded its arms sales sector. Japan PM Shinzo Abe also wants to grow its trade of defense equipment. He wants to push to the sustainability of Japan’s military role. Hideaki Watanabe, a high defense official informed the media about an upcoming meeting with defense officials from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations. In the meeting, they will hold discussions on sharing of technology and equipment.

"Ensuring safety of navigation and flight contributes to the peace and prosperity of Japan and the international society. Japan's research and development of high-quality defense equipment contribute to the defense of Japan and elsewhere." , he said. Though he mentioned the need for maintaining rule of law while it is also essential to maintain the open and stable sea.

Shinzo Abe’s this policy has received various criticisms. But China is already a powerful force in the South China Sea. The transfer of defense equipment to Southeast Asian countries to help their maritime security capabilities is getting importance in his policy.