Read how Kenyan musicians run a lucrative venture during election

News Bharati English    23-Jun-2017

Nairobi, June 23: Before an election, any democracy gears up it with campaigns, counter campaigns, slogans, posters. We often read news about how a certain part of society reaps benefit from pre-election politics. Kenya will soon have a presidential election. In South Rift area of Kenya, Musicians are now reaping benefits from coming election. They are releasing political songs praising major parties.

A Kenyan singer can fetch almost Sh500,000 from a single song. When President Uhuru Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto were on a tour last week, a memorable, fast-beat Kalenjin song dubbed "Jubilee Emet (Jubilee all over)" played prominently in their rallies. Naswa melodies --Florence Mutai are the artists who composed the song.

"I landed a contract with Jubilee in both instances. I did the song, not for my usual fans but for the larger fans of President Kenyatta and his Deputy Ruto,” he told in an interview.

Mike Roitch, a singer released a song praising opposition. But he clearly mentioned these songs have nothing to do with their political view, this is a business contract only. "As artists, we have no parties. Our job is to sing. If Jubilee approached me today, I would also compose a hit song for them," he said.

The venture is highly profitable for musicians. Though the amount of money depends on the contract, still they can fetch a good amount. "The amount depends on the agreement and the position an aspirant is seeking. There are extra coins made out of appearing for road shows and rallies," a singer said.