CBFC proposes to mute certain words from documentary on Amartya Sen

News Bharati English    12-Jul-2017

Kolkata, July 12: The Central Board of Film Certification has imposed a ban on words like "Gujarat", "Hindu India", "Cow", "Hindutva view of India" uttered by him in the interview. This has created a controversy. Bengal CM Milking politics out of it, Mamata Banerjee on Wednesday condemned the CBFC's proposal to mute certain words from the documentary.

Like all other things, she has dragged politics here. "Every single voice of the opposition is being muzzled. Now, Dr. Amartya Sen," Banerjee wrote on Twitter. "If somebody of his stature cannot express himself freely, what hope does the common citizen have."

The director is also disappointed with the dictation. He does not want to release the film in Kolkata. "The attitude of the censor board just underlines the relevance of the documentary in which Sen highlights the growing intolerance in India. Such scrutiny of any criticism of the government in a democratic country is shocking. There is no way I would agree to beep or mute or change anything that one of the greatest minds of our times has said in the documentary," Ghosh told a local newspaper.

Regarding the controversy, CBFC has rejected to make any comment. "I cannot comment on this.", a member said.