Technology without drawback; a new smartphone in Japan to restrict the screen time of children

News Bharati English    26-Jul-2017

Tokyo, July 26: Overuse of smartphone is a worldwide problem. Along with the good side of a new technology, a bad aspect always comes together. Nowadays instead of reading the book, playing outdoor, kids are attracted to Smartphones only. Once upon a time, Television was a great addiction for children; the addiction is now overtaken by the Internet. Recently a survey in Japan has shown teens and youth in 20s spend longer online than in front of the small screen. In such scenario, a Japanese mobile phone service provider will release in August a smartphone that only works during daytime hours.

This initiative is aimed at the restriction of the mobile use of elementary school students.  Parents are so much concerned about the overuse, the company’s innovation reflected the requests from Parents.  Tone Mobile Inc. has developed the product called "Tone m17".  This device allows children to be contactable during the day only. Hence it may be termed as technology without drawback.

The users who are 12 years old or younger will face an automatic lock between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m. Only their parents can modify this lock period. Even parents can unlock if there is a need but the children cannot.

The mobile costs 34,800 yen ($312). The device has other important functions also. It can limit the use of applications or messenger apps in schools. Even during school time also, it can lock itself if the place is pre-registered.