Thirteen die in Islamic terror attack in Spain

NewsBharati    18-Aug-2017

Barcelona, Aug 18: At least 13 persons were killed in a terrorist attack allegedly carried out by the Islamic State (IS) on Thursday in the heart of this Spanish city. The police have arrested two persons in this connection.

The 13 persons were killed as a White Fiat Van rammed through the busy Rambla pedestrian boulevard. The attack injured hundreds of people. However, another attack in Cambrils (Tarragona) was foiled as police shot dead five terrorists.

This was the most serious attack on Spain since the first jihadist attack of March 11, 2004.

At 16.50 on Thursday a speeding van crashed into hundreds of people at La Rambla, the renowned and busiest tourists’ spot of the city. The cops foiled another such attack by killing five terrorists at Cambrils. The Mossos d’Esquadra, a Catalan police body has confirmed that it was a coordinated attack.

The main perpetrator of the attack is still at large and yet to be traced.

The ISIS has claimed the responsibility of this attack through one of its agencies. The terrorists sowed terror and chaos, which spread throughout the afternoon in the center of the city. The main arteries in Barcelona were evacuated, while the police launched a man hunt.

According to reports the white fiat van crashed into people ten minutes before 5 pm on the Rambla Boulevard. “The vehicle crashed through more than a hundred a hundred tourists at speed”, said Josep Lluiis Trapero, head of the Mossoss d’Eaquadra.

“The car travelled for around 500 meters in a manner similar to the jihadist attacks of Berlin, Nice and Stockholm. The absence of pedestrian crossings made it easier for the van to enter the central area of Barcelona's boulevard. Finally, the van stopped and the driver abandoned the vehicle and fled. "We have no proof that this person was armed,” said Trapero.

In another attack hours after the bombing of Barcelona, was foiled by the Spanish police. The Mossos d'Esquadra killed at least five terrorists who tried to carry out an attack in Cambrils (Tarragona). The cops fired at four of the attackers, who were on board a vehicle and had explosive belts. The fifth terrorist was shot dead hours later when he was identified by a police helicopter. The Spanish security forces operation left six injured, including three Mossos agents. The most serious is a woman who was stabbed by the fifth terrorist during his escape.

The Mossos are working on the hypothesis that the terrorists killed in Cambrils are linked to the events in Barcelona and Alcanar. After the shoot-out with terrorists, the agents have operated controlled explosions to deactivate explosives. The second terrorist attack yesterday in Spain occurred about 1:15 pm when a Mossos patrol stopped a tourist vehicle near the Cambrils Nautical Club. Several eyewitnesses, Dutch tourists, argue that the terrorists first crashed into three people and then ignored police signals. The terrorists escaped from the vehicle armed with explosives, the Mossos injured one of them in one leg before the conflict broke out.


US president Donald Trump has condemned the attack in Spain and vented his anguish on twitter. He said on his twitter account: “The United States condemns the terror attack in Barcelona, Spain, and will do whatever is necessary to help.” He added “Be Tough and Strong. We love you.”