Incredible India! Villagers in a remote village of Meghalaya call each other by “caller tune” instead of name

NewsBharati    23-Aug-2017

Kongthong, August 23: India is really incredible from every aspect. Music is so much embedded in the lives of Indians that a village in Meghalaya uses a particular tune to call others. Yes, the villagers of Kongthong don’t use the name to call each other but uses a whistling tone to communicate. Each of the 627 villagers has a unique tone. The unique tune is called 'Jingrwai Lawbei'.

This whistling village of India is a remote Khasi village. This practice is an old-age practice. Kongthong village is located in Khatarshnong Laitkroh Tehsil of East Khasi Hills district in Meghalaya. The creativity flows from one generation to another and the mother or aunt of a new born child composes this new tune. Like in common Indian families as other family members suggest other caller tunes but the mother takes a final decision. The tunes are roughly one minute long.

The tunes sound more like bird whistles. The remote villages don’t have a good mobile network but as the sound in hills sound reverberates and travels far and wide the caller tunes of villagers work like a real ringtone.

This tradition is practiced in the entire khadashnong since time immemorial. This tradition is practiced in the entire khadashnong since time immemorial. “We never repeat a tune. Even when a person dies, the tune which was used to call him is not given to anybody else. And though they may seem similar, we can always distinguish one tune from another,” the village adviser Rani said.

Surprisingly the tunes are not written anywhere. Still, they remember each tune and never repeat an old tune as the new one. This proves how much they are naturally connected to nature.