‘Shubh Hindi Diwas’: Hindi literature will always be laced with our hearts as it did for Premchand, Gulzar, Manto and others

NewsBharati    14-Sep-2017
New Delhi, September 14: As every year, Hindi Diwas is celebrated on this day of September 14 but sadly goes unnoticed, like every year. The community of Hindi readers have gone downhill in numbers as compared to larger English-reading crowd. But it appears that they are simply doing what they do best, quietly reading some good Hindi literature while sitting in some corner. 

The Hindi Diwas was first celebrated in 1953 with the motive to spread the language in and out of India. Hindi is the most spoken language in India. There are many writers who have excelled with this language far ahead in their lives. 
For an instance, Preeti Mishra, who is pursuing her PhD in linguistics from IIT Delhi. It all started with her habit of casually reading Hindi literature while in school and gradually it transformed into a passion when she was introduced to the world of Hindi by a friend several years ago. Mishra is a serious reader of "anything that is good literature" without being bound by the language. "My focus is never the language. It just has to be good literature. You find everything in a good book from comedy to romance, tragedy and drama," she said. 
Hindi veterans such as Nirmal Verma, Kunwar Narayan and Kedarnath Singh have impeccable writings. And so does the captivating prose and poems of Gulzar and Javed Akhtar. 
Though language is just a means of communication, but we’ve got to admit that some things sound better when they are in our native language. However small the Hindi readership now remains in our country, the fandom of Hindi language will never close to zero. There were and still are people who love speaking in Hindi. But how much ever English is spoken in the global societies of India, Hindi will always take the centre stage when people speak their heart out.