Over 2 rore children in Maharashtra given measles-rubella vaccine

NewsBharati    24-Dec-2018

Mumbai, Dec 24: During the last 28 days of vaccination campaign over 2.10 crore children were given the measles-rubella vaccine in the state competing 60 percent plus target of vaccination. As per the preservation campaign conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO) the state got over 99 percent marks in 21 parameteres. Those children who are yet to get the vaccine dose, can approach the government hospital and get vaccinated for, all necessary arrangements are made available there, said Health Minister Dr Dipak Sawant here on Monday.

This campaign began on November 27 with a target of vaccinating 10 lakh children daily and the health machinery is trying its best to complete the target. Currently, this campaign is being carried out in 94000 schools in the state and within a period of a month 2.10 crore children were given the vaccine, the Health Minister said.

There was opposition in certain areas, schools and Urdu schools. Against this background, a meeting of representatives of Muslim organizations and president of Ulema Board was held at Islam Gymkhana. The issues confronting the Muslim community on this campaign were discussed threadbare. Dr Mujib who works with WHO and belong to Muslim community explained the importance of this vaccination and urged the Muslims to get their children vaccinated against the deadly diseases like measles and rubella.

Explaining the importance of this vaccine in a scientific manner Dr Mujib said that he had given this vaccine to his grandsons and it will save them from the serious diseases of measles and rubella. He appealed to the guardians to give this vaccine to their wards without fear. The Health Minister appealed to the religious personalities to give a positive message to the community.

In the early stages the response was not very encouraging but sustained campaign and effective awareness evoked a great response to this campaign. Meanwhile, the WHO conducted a preservation campaign to see how this drive was being implemented at 26000 places. Nearly 21 parameters like place of vaccination, availability of vaccines, use of syringes, injecting system, measures in emergency situations, and availability of medicines were tested during the survey and the state was given over 99 percent marks for its best performance.

Those guardians who did not get their children vaccinated due to certain misunderstanding, are now venturing to get them vaccinated. They are asking ow whether they can be given vaccine outside the schools. Health Minister said that such children can be given vaccine at ther government health centers.