When international cooperation works, the world wins- UN chief Guterres sends New Year message

NewsBharati    31-Dec-2018

New York, Dec 31: Secretary- General of UN Antonio Guterres addressed the world on the new year eve, gave wishes of New year. In this speech, he prompted all the important events from this year and unveiled confidence about our hope in the future.

He said, “One year ago, I issued a red alert to the world, the danger still exists, but I also see a reason to hope. In 2019, let us build on them and create a better future for all. Happy New Year.”

He continued with, the problems of dangers, anxious time and ‘our world is undergoing a stress test’. 

He stressed on the changing climate, he stated that “Climate Change running faster than we are, Geo-political divisions are deepening, making conflicts more difficult to resolve, in Katowice, UN bring countries together to approve the work program, implementation of the Paris agreement on climate change.”

With the numbers of people moving in search of safety and security. Inequality is growing, intolerance is on rise, trust is on the decline, he expected that there is a reason for hope.

He said, “The talks of Yemen, created the chance of peace, the agreement signed in Riyadh in September between Ethiopia and Eritrea has eased long-running tension and brought improved prospect to the entire region. The agreement of South Sudan has revitalized chance or peace, bringing more progress in the past four months than in the previous four years.”

But he emphasized on that, we need to increase ambition to beat this existential threat. Its time to seize our last best chance, it is time to stop uncontrolled and spiraling climate change.

He addressed the efforts of UN in this year, UN oversaw landmark global agreements on migration and refugees that will help to save thousands of lives, people are mobilizing behind the sustainable development goals, UN blueprint for peace, justice and prosperity on the healthy planet.

He said, “When international cooperation works, the world wins.”

In the last, he stated that, in 2019, the UN will continue to bring people together to build bridges and create space for solutions, ‘we will never give up’,
further, he said, “As we begin this new year, let's resolve to confront threats, defend Human dignity and build a better future together, have a peaceful and healthy new year”.