Insanity of reining the power, TMC goons brutally murder dalit boy working for BJP, CPM stoops to inhuman practice of honor killing

NewsBharati    31-May-2018

Kolkata, May 31: Stooping down to the level where humanity is at stake, the Trinamool Congress has left no stones unturned to show their gruesome inhuman rule. In a latest gruesome act by the party, an 18-year-old Dalit boy Trilochan Mahato in Kolkata was killed and hanged on the tree with a chilling note in West Bengal. In a similar instance, the CPM in Kerala brutally tortured and murdered Kevin a Dalit Christian in an honor killing.

TMC goons have used each and every method, ways to suppress the opposition and also have terrorized the villagers during the election process. The Bharatiya Janata Party is gradually taking the position of the main opposition in the state. The TMC specially targeted the scheduled castes and Scheduled Tribes, as protest mostly has been coming from the Dalit communities in the recent times. Three Dalit activists of Bharatiya Janata Party lost their lives last month.

The Dalit boy in Trilochan Mahato in Kolkata, an active BJP worker was found dead hanging on the tree with a chilling note left by the killers. The body was found hanging from a tree in Balarampur town of Purulia district in West Bengal's on Wednesday morning (May 30). The killers also left a chilling message written on his shirt, claiming that he was punished for working for the Bhartiya Janata Party.

The incident took place just a few days after BJP won in all seven Panchayats in Balarampur block, which is a stronghold of Trinamool Congress. However, this is not the first violent incident that the state has witnessed ever since it has gone into the polls.

The message in Bengali was scribbled on the white t-shirt that he was wearing. "Being involved with BJP politics at the age of 18 claimed your life. I have been searching for you since the elections and now you are dead," the message read.

Expressing sorrow, the BJP leaders lashed out at the TMC party for this unruly and inhuman behavior.


Babul Supriyo, a saffron party leader and minister for heavy industries and public enterprises of West Bengal, even compared TMC founder Mamata Banerjee to German dictator Adolf Hitler.

In another similar incident which left people shattered with pain and fright was when the CPM goons abducted and brutally murdered a Dalit Christian boy Kevin. The boy was abducted and his dead body was found near the river Thenmala, Kollam.

A story of honor killing where the boy Kevin hailed from a Dalit Christian family and the girl Neenu belonged to the so-called upper caste Syrian Christian group. Neenu’s parents were unhappy with their daughter having an affair and later eloped to marry the boy.

In her filed petition, Neenu lodged the complaint on her brother Shaun Chacko and 11 people. Implying to these 12 people involved in the gruesome act, the twelve people who were involved in the murder are either leaders or workers of the DYFI (youth-wing of CPM). Niyas, who is the main accused had hired the vehicle for abducting Kevin. It has been reported that Kevin was subjected to brutal torture before being murdered.

Sighting this incident there has been the widespread protest in the state. Kevin’s family has also leveled serious allegations on the Kerala Police because they at first denied lodging complaint and those they were bribed by Neenu’s family. However, it is seen that the accused has a strong connection with the ruling CPM and that has disillusioned the police from filing any complaint.

To voice out against the brutal incident of honor killing in the involvement of local CPM leaders and police, the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) had called for a full day hartal in Kottayam district on Tuesday.

These incidents have shattered and shaken the nation as to comply us to think what is the level the ruling party is stooping to be in power. Politics is indeed a bad game, but being in a democratic country where the people have the right over the country such horrific acts take away the trust.

The TMC goons as we know have been using each and every method to win the latest Panchayat Elections, the TMC goons tortured opposition activists, pressurized leaders and terrorized villages in the last one and half months. They put all types of hurdles to stop the filing of the nominations by other political parties in each stage of three-tier Panchayat election.

The other incident that of the Kerala boy being brutally murdered in honor killing show us the frightening and horrific face of the leaders the people have elected. Actually, the people have not elected them, it is the stronghold of goons that have grabbed seats by winning and forging seats.

The main question arises that why the police when they have the power behave like puppets, and this indeed puts in a question to the fundamental rights and the democratic rights of the people have been kept on a stake.