Children are fresh life. Transforming education system will allow this fresh life to blossom

NewsBharati    12-Jun-2018

New Delhi, June 12: “Children are fresh life. We need to transform our education systems from being extruder that turnout product to gardens that will allow this fresh life to blossom.” Cited by yogi Sadguru as the world comes together to pledge to stand against Child Labor. Today, on World Anti Child Labor Day, let's take a pledge to eliminate all the illegal work which uses children as labor and steal their right to education, free life, and bright future.


Yogi Sadhguru pitches for educating every child and the children could only transform from the strong tool of education. There is a need to look at the education system in a different frame and let the bright flowers blossom. As the world strives to achieve the elimination of child labor by 2025, the United Nations underlined that conflicts and disasters have a devastating impact on people's lives.

Ensuring access to quality basic education is critical for removing children from hazardous labor. Children should be getting a quality education, which offers their best chance of escaping a life of poverty and hardship. There is a need to develop an integrated policy and programme of action worldwide to provide quality, universal and free education that is relevant and accessible to children of poor families to which the majority of child laborers belong.

The education system needs a changeover. At times the miserable and deplorable quality of education has led to the increasing dropout rate, forcing more children into child labor. The first to suffer from human rights violations and abuses are often boys and girls. Their schools are destroyed and basic services are disrupted. Many children are internally displaced or become refugees in other countries and are particularly vulnerable to trafficking and child labor. Every child deserves the right to build a future filled with hope and promise.

Education is the key to eradicate this ill-treatment hovered on the children. Education will open wide doors of enlightening and change in the children to fight against all odds. But this fight is not restricted to the small little children but as adults, we should alk towards in eliminating this ill hampering on children.