An unprecedented success “Surya Kiran XIII” concludes with deepening India-Nepal military ties

NewsBharati    14-Jun-2018

Dehradun, June 14: Strengthening relations in every possible way, the joint military exercise named ‘Surya Kiran - XIII’ between India and Nepal has been concluded. The troops of both Armies participated in 14-day long joint training based on counter-terrorist operations.


The training culminated with a 72-hour outdoor exercise in which troops of both groups carried out a Cordon and Search Operation in a mock counter-insurgency village. The aim of this exercise is to conduct battalion level joint training with emphasis on counterterrorism operations in mountainous terrain. During the exercise, aspects of disaster management and joint effort towards relief work had also been included.

The women soldiers of both the contingents also participated in the Surya Kiran exercise for the first time. Besides training, both the contingents also participated in a number of extra-curricular activities including friendly Football, Basketball, Volleyball matches and a cultural event on the final day to increase the bonhomie between troops.

During the final phase of the exercise, Major General Neeraj Verma, Chief of Staff, HQ UB Area was present as Observer Representative of Indian Army and Major General Rajendra Karki, Division Commander, Mid Western Division was present from Nepal Army.

The joint training was undoubtedly, an unprecedented success. Besides promoting understanding and interoperability between the two armies, it further helped in cementing ties between both the nations. Nepal Army General Chhetri also visited the Indian Military Academy in Dehradun. The Nepal Army chief observed the officers' training programme in Dehradun as the chief reviewing officer.