Freeze life! This drug will freeze cancer cell and kill them: Study

NewsBharati    23-Jun-2018

New York, June 23: Cancer has been a very risky and killer disease. People have been going through lot of stress and the chemotherapy these patients undergo can never be rightly described. But now, the patients and those detected by cancer can breathe a sigh of relief. The scientists have developed a drug compound that may freeze the cancer cells and will also kill them.

Developing the compound can help freeze the cells which will keep them from spreading throughout the body. However, oncologists know that it's also important to halt the movement of cancer cells before they spread throughout the body. New research, published today in the journal Nature Communications, shows that it may be possible to freeze cancer cells and kill them where they stand.

The research professors say that the majority of cancer treatment therapies today are directed toward killing cancer. An associate professor of the research said that for the vast majority of cancer like breast, prostate, lung, colon, and others if it is detected early when it is a little lump in that organ and it has not spread, you will live. And generally, if you find it late, after it has spread throughout your body, you will die. For that reason, the study of cancer cell movement, or motility, has been the focus of his group's research for several decades.

Raymond Bergan from Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) in the US further said that Movement is key: the difference is black and white, night and day. If cancer cells spread throughout your body, they will take your life. We can treat it, but it will take your life.

In the study, published in the journal Nature Communications, the team used a mouse model to test the drug. "We started off with a chemical that stopped cells from moving, and then we increasingly refined that chemical until it did a perfect job of stopping the cells with no side effects," Bergan said.

The team found that the key to this drug was engaging the heat shock proteins -- the "cleaners" of a cell.
"The way the drug works is that it binds to these cleaner proteins to stop cell movement, but it has no other effect on those proteins," Bergan said.
"Our eventual goal is to be able to say to a woman with breast cancer: here, take this pill and your cancer won't spread throughout your body. The same thing is implied for patients with prostate, lung, and colon cancer." This therapy will be used on humans also after successfully testing the result.