BJP leader Subramanian Swamy demands special team for excavation of submerged Dwarka; writes to PM Modi

NewsBharati    26-Jul-2018
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New Delhi, July 26: BJP leader and Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy today urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to review the excavation of submerged Dwarka in Gujarat. In an official letter, the former Union Minister requested that a special team should be constituted in order to re-open the long pending expedition.

Referring to 2001 population research which was done under the guidance of DR. S R Rao, Swamy claimed that an organized rock foundation of 9 Sq. Km in the area and 20 Km away from the seashore of Gujarat at a 40 Km depth had been marked by the researchers. He added that scanned images of the construction were found by the population research team. The research which began in 2001, was carried out till the year 2004.

Swamy blamed then UPA government for not approving the budget of 14 Cr as suggested by Rao for the completion of the assignment. The Rajya Sabha member underlined that after UPA government’s ignorance, no efforts were made in this regard.

Commenting on the findings of population research, Swamy opined that Dwaraka City was submerged in the year 1443 B.C, near about 1700 year after the epic war of Mahabharat. Swamy hoped that the re-excavation of submerged Dwarka would archeologically prove the existence of Lord Krishna's magical Dwaraka.