Within yourself, you must come to a total sense of acceptance of everything

NewsBharati    02-Aug-2018

New Delhi, August 2: “Within yourself, you must come to a total sense of acceptance of everything.” Spiritual Guru Sadhguru has always been positive about things around people and has always initiated in looking at things positively.

In his recent spot video, “In the Lap of the Master” program, Sadhguru speaks about how acceptance facilitates a free flow of life. He dares us to try total acceptance, at least for twenty-four hours.

Next twenty-four hours, you must do this: all these mamas, friends, enemies, nonsense you don’t have to tell them, “I love you” not necessary. Within yourself, you must come to a total sense of acceptance of everything. So, somebody said something, somebody did something, somebody stepped on your foot, somebody stepped on your head, twenty-four hours – it’s a small prescription only for twenty-four hours, come to an absolute acceptance of everything.


Your mental things, your emotional things, your bodily things, every damn thing, and the social things just simply accepting it as it is. You don’t have to do anything with anybody just within yourself. If you just do this, life will happen on a larger scale.

Sadhguru enlightened the very fact that if you look into your own mind, if you look into your own persona of what you consider yourself to be, normally, what you call as a personality is essentially different levels of constipation. Constipation in its physiological sense means constriction of a tract. Here, it’s constriction of one’s mind and consciousness, that it’s held; there is no free flow of life.

The thought process is restricted because of your ability to experience your life is only through the instruments of your body and your mind. Either your body or your mind being in some way constricted means your ability to experience life also gets constipated.

Acceptance of happiness comes only when you accept everything and this may come to you by surprise. There are instances which from the past still at times still triggers you. There must be something which your sibling or parents or relatives must have said you when you were 10 years old, but now when you are 50 years old you still remember what they said you forty years ago.

The more concretized your persona or your personality is, the more nicks and wounds you carry upon yourself. And these are not physiological wounds to heal. Because they are self-inflicted wounds, these are being carried as badges of life’s experience, so they don’t go.