Researchers.. work with coupled spirit..! Enjoy the hike in stipends..!

NewsBharati    31-Jan-2019
New Delhi, January 31: Emphasizing the value of Ph.D. research, the Central Government on Wednesday has declared a hike in the research fellowship benefiting over 60,000 research fellows. “Improving the value of Ph.D. research cannot be a one-time exercise but requires constant input and efforts which the Government is fully committed to undertake”, said minister Dr. Harsh Vardhan, congratulating the research scholars.

“Ph.D. scholars, working in science and technology, are the most significant contributors to the knowledge base of the country for its industrial competitiveness, academic vibrancy and technology led innovations”, he added further.
According to the statement, fellowship of the junior and senior research fellows in the first two years of Ph.D. programme is increased by Rs 6000 and Rs 8000 per month. The junior researchers earlier were granted Rs 25000, now will be paid Rs 31000. However, the senior researchers will be paid Rs 35000, January onwards.
Further, there is substantial 30-35% enhancement in the financial rewards for the scientists involved in the R&D projects as Research Associates. The top bracket of Research Associateship is fixed at Rs 54,000. All the research fellows are also entitled to HRA as per Central Government norms.
This is the first ever time, that the Government has recommended a set of strong financial and academic incentives to enhance and recognize the performance of our research fellows. This will be a performance based addition to the fellowship.
Meanwhile, an Empowered Inter-Ministerial Committee has been constituted to periodically examine all the fellowship matters that have a bearing on enhancing the value, quality and experience of doctoral research, including the quantum of fellowship. “One of the recommendations is to involve Ph.D. students in undergraduate teaching and managing research infrastructure during their doctoral research. This will not only widen their scope of training but also enhance their career prospects”, the minister added.
This hike by the Central Government is however scheduled to benefit all the research personnel enrolled in any area of science and technology, including Physical and Chemical Sciences, Engineering, Mathematical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Life Sciences, Pharmacy. Government has meanwhile, ensured that this empowering mechanism is uniformly applicable across all the fellowship granting Ministries, Departments, Agencies and Academic and Government R&D Organizations of the country.