Horrifying tale: Lad reveals being sexually abused by close aide of Mother Teressa

News Bharati    31-Dec-2019

Chicago, December 31: We come across many people, but it is seldom known that the person has been going through mental chaos, irrational abusive childhood and psychological instability. A very shocking and appalling truth has come forward before the entire world, where Robert J. Goldberg, revealed that he was abused by a globe-trotting Jesuit priest who had ties with Mother Teresa, sexually abused Goldberg “more than 1,000 times, in multiple states and countries.” The revelation was made as he filed a lawsuit on Monday in California state court in San Francisco.

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Robert J Goldberg in his lawsuit mentioned, since the age of 11 and his adulthood while working as a valet for the late Donald J McGuire, he suffered from psychological control and sexual abuse. However, McGuire died in federal prison in 2017 while serving a 25-year sentence for molesting other boys who came under his sway. Goldberg highlighted that he remained in the Jesuit’s thrall for nearly 40 years, even volunteering to testify in McGuire’s defense during criminal trials in Wisconsin and Illinois.

The lawsuit, however, doesn’t currently name the defendants, but Goldberg’s attorneys say the defendants will include the Jesuit order in the U.S. and the order's top leader at the Vatican. At the time of the abuse against Goldberg, the suit alleges, Catholic officials knew that McGuire had been repeatedly accused of sexually abusing boys and went to great lengths to cover up his crimes. In the nearly two decades since the U.S. Catholic abuse scandal erupted, thousands of survivors have stepped forward to tell painful stories.

Persuading the family, the Jesuit took the 11 year old Goldberg along with him claiming to be his assistant and moved to California where he met Mother Teressa. It was during this time that McGuire forged ties with Mother Teresa, becoming her spiritual adviser while vetting nuns seeking to join the religious order she founded, the Missionaries of Charity. Concerns about McGuire started as far back as the early 1960s, when he was living in Europe and church officials in Germany and Austria sent alarming reports about his relations with young boys.

The complaints continued but he remained a priest in good standing for 40 years. In 1994, Mother Teresa wrote a letter of support to the Jesuit order to express her “confidence and trust” in McGuire. She said she believed allegations against McGuire were untrue. McGuire wasn’t removed from active ministry until 2007. He was defrocked in 2008.

In 2012, the Chicago Jesuit official who received Mother Teresa’s letter, the Rev. Bradley M. Schaeffer, issued a statement apologizing for failing to rein McGuire in. “I deeply regret that my actions were not enough to prevent him from engaging in these horrific crimes,’’ he said. Last year, when the Midwest Jesuits released a list naming 65 accused Jesuits, including McGuire, Provincial Brian G. Paulson issued a similar apology. “We are painfully aware that in earlier decades, some Midwest Jesuits were not removed from ministry quickly enough,” he said. “We are deeply sorrowful.”