Hug your pillows and sleep before time or get prone to Alzheimer’s

NewsBharati    01-Feb-2019

Washington, February 1: In this world and lifestyle of hustle bustle, sleep can be considered as a matter of luxury. The person who loves sleeping is the king, but the one who is deprived needs attention.


Considered as one of the most common causes of concern in the world of health and nutrition, sleep deprivation is increasing the risk of Alzheimer’s. The older adults who have been facing problem with their sleep cycle and quality of sleep may be at an increased risk of Alzheimer's. Researchers also pointed that good sleep habits were very crucial to support brain health.

According to a research, sleeplessness accelerates the spread of toxic clumps of tau, which may result in impaired brain activity and an increased risk of dementia. Tau can be found in healthy and regular brain too, but in certain conditions it may clump together and injure nearby tissue and presage cognitive decline.

The study indicated that a sleepless night cause tau levels to rise by about 50 percent. The study also said that staying up all night enables people sleep more later and increased instances of stress and temperamental issues. The mice too, rebounded from a sleepless day by sleeping a lot more later when they got a chance.

The researchers said that staying awake for a prolonged spell may lead the tau levels to rise. Tau is raised routinely through the hours you are awake and engaged in daily business
of thinking and doing, but it should decrease while you are winding down and preparing to sleep.

Ayurvedic Remedy To Sleep Better

Ayurveda suggests drinking a hot glass of milk to induce sleep. According to some recent studies, milk contains tryptophan, which helps production of serotonin. Serotonin helps calm your brain, which helps you sleep better.