Protesting Pakistan’s Kashmir rant, India hopes UK will keep sensitivities in mind and not allow Kashmir conference

NewsBharati    01-Feb-2019

New Delhi, February 1: Warning Pakistan to stop interfering in internal matters and disturbing the unity of the country, India has strongly protested on Pakistan Foreign Minister’s telephonic conversation with Hurriyat leader. Implying on the same India said it has “very strongly” taken up with the UK the issue of a conference on Kashmir being allowed to be hosted in London which is scheduled to be addressed by Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi.


External Affairs Ministry Spokesperson Raveesh Kumar said India was expecting the British government to address its concerns on the issue, adding the conference is “very clearly” intended to undermine unity, sovereignty and territorial integrity of India.

Addressing the media, MEA Spokesperson Kumar said that UK was aware of India’s sensitivities in the matter. India has taken it up with the UK very strongly and it hopes that they will understand India’s objections to the proposed conference and take appropriate action. Kumar said, “As a friendly country and as a strategic partner, we hope that the government of the United Kingdom will address our concerns which we have explained to them on the proposed conference.”

Speaking further Raveesh Kumar added that the event reflected Pakistan’s “duplicity” in its relations with India.

“There is no doubt that it (the conference) exposes Pakistan’s duplicity when they talk about peace (with India) on one hand and at the same time working with forces which are fomenting anti-India sentiments,” Kumar said.

India strongly protested against Pakistan Foreign Minister calling Hurriyat leader Umar Farooq and inviting him in the conference. Implying a stern warning, India asked Pakistan to not interfere in internal matters of India and try on resolving issues within Pakistan.