An open letter to SAM Pitroda, Chicago, USA

NewsBharati    18-Feb-2019

Dear SAM,


Way back in 80’s, I (like many others) used to love and see you as my role-model, besides Kurien. You were both my heroes, who were trying to build the nation through contributing technological knowledge. In my own limited capacity, I am trying to do the same after returning from the US.

Lately, however, you seem to have gone berserk in your pursuit to see Rahul Gandhi as PM of India. Your sole aim is to ensure “how to install Gandhis & Congress back in power”, by hook or crook! Why so? The only reason I could attest, knowing you a bit personally, is- you are on an ego-trip! You were the one who in 2004 was debating with himself and finally decided to join politics of Congress, and came up with the brilliant slogan- “India is not shining in Dharavi”. True you were, but then India suffered two consecutive terms under the corrupt Congress rule... why else was Congress reduced to 44 in 2014? Indian banks total debt increased from 18 lakh crores to 52 lakh crores from 2008 to 2013... eventually to convert into NPAs, through phone-banking. How much of nation’s wealth went to those politicians who got these loans approved... is a common sense!

We all who have known you, understand your love for India, since the days you went to US. Let me ask you a few simple questions:

1) “If Congress did such a great job for the country, then why did you have to leave this nation forever?”.... you know why ? Because, the general work culture under the Congress rule had become so bad in India, that people could not rise through own merit and talents, without seeking favours from politicians. Also, bureaucrats under Nehru’s confused socialism, “made entrepreneurs die in the womb”, through draconian license-raj, so the educated talented minds opted for seeking jobs instead of enterprising or those who could manage, opted to get out of the country, like you. Mostly, Never ever to Return!

2) Everyone says, Indians work so wonderfully in other countries like US, UK, etc. but they fail in India. My question to you is— Who created that India, where only sycophancy, nepotism and mediocrity are rewarded, in every walk of life. Self-respect, knowledge, and merit are crushed under the power of money and politics? Who did this, but the Congress rule? You still don’t see that?

3) I appreciate your dedication to the nation that, you invested your personal time without taking any money as fee, to bring telecom revolution in India. But then why is it that despite Congress rule that you were part of, you could not make India good enough for you to return to, for remaining of your life? You preferred to earn in US, as it was not easy to make good honest money in India.

4) Can you hope to see India becoming merit-based, that your family including your son would ever consider to settle in India?

5) What is the merit in Rahul Gandhi that you think he deserves to hold the highest position in the country? Can you dare to hold a “one-on-one” debate of Rahul with any self-respecting citizen (I am willing), in public glare? His father at least worked and earned for his family!

I sincerely hope, you review your thinking, in the interest of the nation that you love so much. Don’t try to become a saviour of Rahul, for whatever reasons you may have! You are making India lose! Later in life, you would regret sorely!

Warm regards,

Yours truly,

Tulsi Tawari

(The writer is a professional strategist, with focus on technology-based businesses and attitudinal transformation. Currently, engaged with BARC’s radiation technology projects, and empowering young entrepreneurs, both in cities & villages of India. Having studied from premier IIT Chicago in 1979, has vast global exposure of 40 years, at multi-levels.)