Now Mobile tech is taking care of dogs…literally

NewsBharati    26-Feb-2019

Barcelona, Feb 26: Pet lovers are crazy for their beloved pets. They are always in worry that their pet has all comfort and well-being, and when they are on holiday, they are always anxious about their pet’s health and exercise.

Now no need to worry, the mobile like all other spheres of life, going to take care of your pet while you are away. Mobile entrepreneurs are jumping into the pet industry with smartphone-enabled gadgets that can help care for your four-legged friends, from activity trackers to a litter box that cleans and refills itself.

Among countless new "wearable" gadgets presented this week at the Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona were monitors that attach to dog or cat collars.

The devices allow owners to track their pet's location and activity on a smartphone, as well as check that a dog walker is exercising the animal enough. Some even allow owners to set up a safe zone around their home on the app and receive alerts when their pet moves outside of the fixed area

Vodafone, the world's second-largest mobile operator, displayed its tracker called Kippy, which is available across Europe, at the fair.

The waterproof device is made of steel and is powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 days.

"It's about having an enhanced relationship with your pet," said Vodafone spokesman Steve Shepperson-Smith.

He estimates there are 300 million cats and dogs worldwide living in domestic homes.

"That is a relatively large base to try to sell products to. They are effectively taking the tech that is used for humans and taking it across to pets," said official. For those who miss their pet while away, several firms have put out wifi-enabled cameras that allow owners to monitor their dog with their smartphone.

The device can also send you a text alert if your dog barks a lot and compiles a 60-second video compilation of all of your dog's daily activity.

"Anything abnormal it will report right to your smartphone," said PurrSong marketing manager Heaven Nam. "Owners don't have to cancel their travel plans and cut costs on cat hotels or cat sitters if they need to travel."