Now these games.. keep out of Children's reach..!

NewsBharati    05-Feb-2019
New Delhi, February 5: With the increasing use of internet, especially in the decade underway, the children addicted to the online video games miss out on splash in puddles, climbing trees, play in the rain, go on bike rides, search for insects, make a daisy chain and many more entertaining to the merry extent.
Controlling the evil hunters, the Delhi Commission for protection of Child Rights (DCPCR) on Monday extends further listing a few online video games as harmful, negative and having an adverse impact on the children’s brain.
The note comes days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi was asked in his Parikshe Pe Charcha about the addiction of online games among kids and how parents should deal with it. While the DCPCR note cites several other games like Hitman and Pokemon Go, primarily in India nowadays, the popularity chart for online games is ruled by PUBG and Fortnite. The commission has list constituting video games such as Grand Theft Auto, God of War, Plague Inc, also harmful.
"These games are full of misogyny, hate, deceit and vengeance and at an age where a child learns from that he or she sees, it may negatively impact their brain for their life," the note issued by DCPCR states. "We see a lot of aggression and arrogance in children these days they are being distracted from their studies and social life by violent games," DCPCR member Ranjana Prasad said.
PUBG has become a sensational game amongst all age groups, the game can be played free of cost with stable internet connection on any smartphone. The game made headlines a few days ago when an 11-year old kid wrote a letter to the Maharashtra government seeking to ban PUBG citing violence and cyberbullying as his reasons. “PUBG promotes immoral conduct which includes violence, murder, gaming addiction, cyberbullying, aggression, and looting”, his appeal read.