Ignorant Mamata Banerjee! Despite India celebrating IAF’s Surgical Strike 2, WB CM asks "Was bomb dropped on the target?"

NewsBharati    01-Mar-2019

Kolkata, March 1: While the entire country is praising the Indian Air Force for their brave success on eliminating the terror groups in Balakot, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Thursday said that the nation has a right to know what actually happened at Balakot in Pakistan following the IAF's air strike there.


Well, as ignorant as she is! Mamata Banerjee, the nation will like to give you a quick reminder that the Indian Air Force successfully completed its historic Surgical Strike 2 in just 21 minutes. With a planned move, India’s 12 Mirage 2000s jet fighters moved swiftly eliminating the major terror groups and leaders.

Giving a detailed information about the same in the All Party Meeting where members of several party were present, the government informed them with complete details. Moreover, the central government also gave details to the foreign ministers about the attack. The ignorant and inattentive Mamata Banerjee cited foreign media reports that not much damage was done by the Indian Air Force's pre-emptive strike on terror camps at Balakot, she said, "The Force should be given an opportunity to come up with facts."

"After the air strikes, we were told there were 300 deaths, 350 deaths. But I read reports in the New York Times and the Washington Post which said no human was killed. Another foreign media report said only one person was injured," Banerjee told reporters at the state secretariat here.

She said, "We have the right to know, people of this country want to know how many were killed (at Balakot). Where the bomb were actually dropped? Was it dropped on the target?"

Government officials had said on Tuesday that in a pre-dawn strike, the IAF bombed and destroyed Jaish-e-Mohammed's biggest training camp at Balakot in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Pakistan, killing over 350 terrorists, trainers and senior commanders.

At a media briefing in the national capital on Thursday evening, Air Vice Marshal R G K Kapoor, assistant chief of Air Staff, said it was up to the political leadership to decide when and how to release evidence of the Balakot strike's success. He was responding to a question on the scepticism in some quarters about whether IAF fighters had hit the intended targets. AVM Ravi Kapoor said there is credible information and evidence that "we hit the intended targets" and it was premature to assess the casualties and damage.

Apparently targeting the BJP, she alleged that an attempt was being made to reap electoral benefit from the Pulwama terror attack and the air strike at Balakot. Dragging politics into a military affair can be expected only from the one who only thinks about politics and not for the betterment of escalating the country and people.