Change in ‘Chalta hai’ mindset stands superlative, being a prominent hit towards ‘New India’..!

NewsBharati    11-Mar-2019
Mumbai, March 11: “The government has brought sustainable changes instead of temporary adjustments. From a fragile economy, we have become perhaps the fastest growing economy in the world. The single biggest achievement within remains its change in the ‘Chalta hai’ mindset”, said Railway Minister Piyush Goyal while addressing the event at Mumbai on Sunday.

He was interacting to the IIT students over ‘New Ideas for New India’ at an event titled 'IIT ke Mann ki Baat' and underlined some key achievements of the Central government here, on a day the Election Commission announced the schedule for Lok Sabha polls.
The minister also claimed the country has taken major strides in food security and rural electrification. "Today, the nation produces more food than it can consume," he said, adding that electricity shortages have become history now.
Goyal said the government has also focused on self-sustenance."We did not allow a single power plant to come up based on imported coal," he said, adding that Modi government believes in spending unrestricted money for research and development.