Uttarakhand becomes first state to produce sex-sorted semen to produe female calves

NewsBharati    11-Mar-2019

Dehradun, March 11: Uttarakhand has become the country's first state to produce sex-sorted semen, which can enhance the possibility of the birth of female calves to ninety per cent. A laboratory in Rishikesh under Gokul Mission has started producing sex-sorted semen with the help of technology which can increase the chances of birth of female calves to ninety per cent, Secretary Animal Husbandry R Meenakshi Sundaram said at a press conference on Saturday.


Describing it as a major step towards doubling the income of farmers and cattle keepers, the official said they will get equal subsidies of Rs 400 from both - the state government and Centre - for each dosage of sex-sorted semen.

With the subsidies provided by the Centre and the state government, each dose of sex-sorted semen will come for approximately Rs 300, whereas it's the market price is Rs 1,200.

Normally, there are 50 per cent chances of the birth of a female calf, this technology will increase it to 90 per cent, the secretary said. The programme is being run by the livestock development board under a contract inked with a US firm for technological assistance.

Uttarakhand is also planning to sell the sex-sorted semen to other states.

In June last year, the state got India’s first “Sexed Semen Production Centre” which achieved success in producing it.