Switching around.. Computer Baba now chairs the Rivers trust in Madhya Pradesh..!

NewsBharati    12-Mar-2019
Bhopal, March 12: Surviving ahead within the state power, self-styled godman NamdevTyagi, well known as the Computer Baba has been appointed as the chairman of a river trust in the state of Madhya Pradesh on Tuesday.

The state spiritual department passed the order of appointing Tyagi as head of the 'Ma Narmada, Ma Kshipra and Ma Mandakini Rivers Trust' a few days back, just before the model code of conduct for Lok Sabha polls came into effect,said the officials.
Tyagi, earlier being a part of BJP, was accorded minister of state (MoS) status. He later resigned, accusing the then chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan of not fulfilling the promise of stopping illegal sand mining in the river Narmada.
There was speculation that he was joining the Congress when the Computer Baba denied it. But in a dead giveaway, he campaigned against the BJP in the December Madhya Pradesh election.
After his appointment on Tuesday for the said position, Tyagi said that he would now work to conserve the rivers in the central state and check illegal sand mining.
"My priority would be to rejuvenate the three holy rivers, especially the river Narmada. I will ensure that no illegal sand mining takes place in the holy river," he asserted.