No place to misleading ads! Google banned 2.3 billion misleading ads in 2018

NewsBharati    14-Mar-2019

California, Mar 14: On 12 March, the world celebrated ‘World web’ which turns 30. The internet is an inseparable part of our lives now, to make web better place with protecting users’ interest, Google announced it banned 2.3 billion misleading ads that disrupted its advertising policies on Thursday.


To manage these ads, Google also came up with 31 new policies. According to Google’s 2018 “Bad Ads Report”, the company said, 6 million bad ads were banned every day.

According to the statement of Scott Spencer, Director of Sustainable Ads, Google said, “At Google, we take our responsibility to help create a healthy and sustainable advertising ecosystem that works for everyone, seriously. Our ads are meant to connect users with relevant businesses, products, and services; but bad ads ruin the experience”.

Further, Statement said, We, at Google, have been working towards protecting the users, advertisers, and publishers by investing significant technological resources.

The ‘Bad Ads Report” is a mechanism of Google to maintain ecosystem safe through its policies across platforms and shares key action about this issue.

Spencer said, “This will continue to remain our top priority as bad ads pose a threat to users, Google’s partners, and the sustainability of the open web itself”.

In this quest, the company also acknowledged and dismissed almost one million bad advertisers accounts.

Nearly 734,000 publishers and app developers were terminated from the Google ad network and ads were removed completely from nearly 1.5 million apps. Google also took more granular action by taking ads off nearly 28 million pages that violated the publisher policies.