First ever captured black hole gets a name ‘Powehi’! here is what that means

NewsBharati    13-Apr-2019

Hilo, Apr 13: This week witnessed the landmark experiment in space science. This is the most vital step achieved by scientists to understand deeply about the mysterious black holes. This space breakthrough got a name by language professor in Hawaii, in the Hawaiian language, ‘Powehi’. This name with significant to the black hole welcomed by scientists who captured the first image of the galactic marvel.

Hawaiian professor Larry Kimura from the University of Hawaii-Hilo named this cosmic object.

According to exports, Powehi means “the adorned fathomless dark creation” or “embellished dark source of unending creation” and comes from the Kumulipo, an 18th-century Hawaiian creation chant.

The world’s first image of a black hole revealed on Wednesday was created using data from eight radio telescopes around the world. 

‘Po’ is a profound dark source of unending creation, while ‘wehi’, meaning honored with embellishments, is one of the chant’s descriptions of po.

On this occasion, Prof. Larry Kimura said, “To have the privilege of giving a Hawaiian name to the very first scientific confirmation of a black hole is very meaningful to me and my Hawaiian lineage that comes from po”.

While welcoming the name, Astronomers said that giving it a Hawaiian name was justified because the project included two telescopes in Hawaii.

Jessica Dempsey, a co-discoverer of the black hole, says the word is an excellent match for the scientific description she provided to Kimura.