North Korea and Russia holds hand for development of bilateral relations and settlement on the Korean Peninsula

News Bharati    25-Apr-2019
Vladivostok, April 25: Putting forward the agenda of development of bilateral relations and settlement on the Korean Peninsula, North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un with Russian President Vladimir Putin are looking forward to a fruitful meeting. The leaders will also discuss the state of the political, economic, cultural and humanitarian ties. As of now, no documents or joint statements are planned for signing.


The leaders are discussing peaceful resolution of the nuclear issue on the Korean Peninsula, ensuring security in Northeast Asia as a whole and the state of the bilateral relations. Putin and Kim Jong-un had a face-to-face meeting, which lasted about two hours.

The summit in Russia's Far Eastern city of Vladivostok comes with Kim locked in a nuclear stand-off with Washington and Putin keen to put Moscow forward as a player in another global flashpoint.

Putin congratulated his North Korean counterpart on being re-elected as the Chairman of the State Affairs Commission. He also noted that last year, the two states marked the 70th anniversary of establishing diplomatic relations.
“We just shared our positions with you, Mr President, in a face to face conversation on issues of mutual interest on all major problems. I thank you for the splendid time and I hope that our negotiations will continue in the same way, as fruitful and constructive,” the North Korean leader said.
"We talked about the history of our interstate relations, the current situation and the prospects for the development of our bilateral ties," the Russian president noted. "We discussed the situation on the Korean Peninsula and shared our positions on the measures to be taken for the situation to have good prospects for improvement," Putin stressed.
Putin said the visit would give a boost to bilateral ties and help Moscow understand "what Russia can do to support the positive processes that are currently taking place" in the peninsula. Putin also said there was "a lot to do" to develop economic relations between the two countries.