Communal harmony is the true religion; UP Muslim family prints Lord Ram- Sita's pic on wedding card

News Bharati    25-Apr-2019

Lucknow, April 25: Spreading communal harmony is the key message of Indian culture. We have seen many times that Hindus celebrating Eid and Muslims celebrating Ganesh festival etc. Likewise is an example that a Muslim family from Uttar Pradesh village has printed a photo of Lord Ram and Sita on wedding invitation of their daughter Rukhsar Bano. This, the family says, is their small step towards spreading communal harmony in their village.


"In our village, both Hindu and Muslim families live together. We want to promote communal harmony among people. We should not divide ourselves on the basis of religion," said Rukhsar Bano's mother, Baby.

The bride's brother, Mohammad Umar said that the villagers are happily accepting the wedding invitation. "We are happy to see people's reaction on this," he added. The family lives in Chilauwa village, about 250 kilometres from Delhi.