PM Modi spreads charm via these three massive rallies in UP

News Bharati    10-May-2019

Lucknow, May 10: The masses gathered in Azamgarh, Jaunpur and Prayagraj to just see their beloved Prime Minister and to hear him on Thursday was just amazing. While addressing the three massive rallies, PM Modi slammed the Congress-SP-BSP ‘Mahamilawat’ in U.P for destroying the state and betraying the people’s expectations time and again.


Speaking at the jam-packed rallies, PM Modi talked about national security in detail and said, “Why is it that before 2014, the entire country was targeted frequently by terrorists while ever since the BJP formed government in 2014, we have managed to largely restrict terror-related incidents to some parts of J&K now? The answer lies in making national security a top-most priority in the BJP’s governance approach. India is no longer held hostage by terrorists and their sympathizers, this India now responds strongly against any attacks made against it even if that requires striking terrorists based in other countries.”


Lashing out at the Opposition parties Congress, SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh, PM Modi asserted, “The ‘Mahamilawat’ of SP-BSP ruined the rich heritage and ethos of Uttar Pradesh and made the state a stage for promoting nepotism and enriching themselves. The extent of opportunism from this adulterated alliance can be seen from the fact how the so-called leader of the Dalits and the oppressed, BSP’s ‘Behenji’ has now entered into an alliance with those leaders who called Babasaheb Ambedkar a ‘land mafia’ and insulted his legacy frequently. She must answer the people of U.P. if she is ready to compromise on her ideals for the sake of political leverage.”


Applauding the BJP government in Uttar Pradesh led by CM Yogi Adityanath for reinvigorating clean and efficient government in the state, PM Modi said, “While the people still remember how India was shamed for its corruption scandals during the Commonwealth Games during UPA’s rule, this time the entire world witnessed how the state of UP successfully organised the largest human gathering in the world, the ‘Kumbh Mela,’ greatly enhancing the country’s reputation in the world. The rapid strides taken by the country since 2014 have shown what a country is able to achieve with a clean and efficient government at the helm. This is why I urge everyone to vote wisely in the ongoing elections based on the performance track record of their governments and not be fooled by the false promises and corrupt governance that led to the creation of numerous problems today.”