With well-suited infrastructure, Indian Army to shift its training command to Meerut

News Bharati    13-May-2019

New Delhi, May 13: Levelling up the infrastructure and establishing a well-suited training camp, the Training Command of the Indian Army is now planned to be shifted from Shimla to Meerut. The move is part of the ongoing restructuring that is being carried out at multiple levels by the Army.

The decision to shift the training camp base was to save costs and man-hours spent in travelling from the headquarters to the hill location. The officials of the Indian Army informed that the headquarters needs to be moved out of Shimla to a new location that has better infrastructure, as the command's role will expand after the restructuring.

According to the Indian Army, Meerut would be better suited for establishing the training command headquarters as it is getting connected by an express highway and a rapid rail transit corridor is also being established. The restructuring of the army headquarters will see the role of the Director General of Military Training being given to ARTRAC.

The exercise to restructure the army is based on four comprehensive studies led by the army's topmost generals, and seeks to change the direction of the 1.3 million-strong force and transform it into a deadlier fighting machine prepared for future wars.