Hats off to Achyutanand Dwivedi! Indian Film 'Seed Mother' wins Third Nespresso Talent Prize

News Bharati    18-May-2019

Cannes, May 18: India once again shined in Cannes Film festival. A three-minute film named ‘Seed Mother’ by Achyatanand Dwivedi has won the third prize in the International section of Nepresso Talents 2019 in Cannes yesterday night. The film depicts the story of a Maharashtra Woman Rahibai Popere who has preserved hundreds of indigenous seed varieties in Ahmednagar district.


Nepresso Talents is a contest limited to films shot in a vertical 9/16 video format. It has been being held since last four years. The theme for the current year was ‘We are What We Eat’. This year’s contest received 371 videos from 47 countries in three broad categories: ‘Farming and biodiversity’, ‘Food Heritage and the Value Chain’ and ‘Food in Popular Countries’.

New Zealand’s Josh Morrice’s ‘Subak’ got the Nespresso 2019 first prize in the international section whereas Mexico Filmmaker’s Marco Aurelio Celi’s ‘Ruffo’ won the second.

“I am very interested in food. Eating good food is a priority to me but these days we don’t get good food. I was making research on where I would get pure food. When I got to know about Rahibai Popere I was delighted. For the first time I have made such kind of movie. Technical conditions for the contest were very interesting and challenging.’’ Said Achyutanand Dwivedi in an interview.


Rahibai From Kombhalne Village has maintained her own seed Bank in which she has preserved hundreds of native seeds. She is the strong opponent of modern hybrid seeds and has proved the sustainable yield from native seeds with a long experience. Renowned Scientist Ragunath Mashelkar gave her the epithet of ‘Seed Mother’.

Ahyutanand has also declared to give one third of the money he received as the Award to Rahibai Popere.