Bending knees before UN, Pakistan cites enforcing sanction on Azhar’s travel and assets

News Bharati    02-May-2019

Islamabad, May 2: Asserted as a huge victory for India with United Nations (UN) blacklisting Masood Azhar, Pakistan on Wednesday said that it will “immediately enforce the sanctions” imposed by the UN on Jaish-e-Mohammad chief. Pakistan also mentioned that they would entail a ban on foreign travel, assets freeze and arms embargo calling terrorism a ‘menace to the world’.


Flipping sides like always, Pakistan said that it agreed with the blacklisting of Masood Azhar after ‘political references’ of linking him with Pulwama Attack were removed. Trying its level best to safeguard the global terrorist and China a close ally of Pakistan withdrawing its opposition to the proposal, the decision might have come as a shock to the nation which soils terrorism.

The 1267 Sanctions Committee of the United Nations Security Council on Wednesday designated Azhar a global terrorist after China lifted its veto. The lifting up of veto was done after studying “revised material” submitted by relevant countries to the sanctions committee. 

Pakistan Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson Mohammad Faisal said earlier proposals to blacklist Masood Azhar did not get the consensus from the sanctions committee as “the information did not meet its technical criteria”. “The current listing has been agreed after all political references were removed, including attempts to link it with Pulwama [attack] and maligning the legitimate struggle of the Kashmiris in IOK [Jammu and Kashmir] for realisation of the right to self-determination,” Faisal said.

Covering up, Faisal further said the sanctions committee is “governed by clear rules and its decisions are taken through consensus”. “Pakistan has always advocated the need for respecting these technical rules and has opposed the politicisation of the committee,” he said.

Further he said, “Our position is in line with the statements of Prime Minister [Imran] Khan who clearly stated that there is no space for any proscribed organisation or its affiliates to operate from Pakistani territory, our resolve for countering terrorism in all its forms and manifestations and our National Action Plan”.