Precursor to War? Trump Gives Stark Warning to Iran

News Bharati    20-May-2019

Washington, May 20: “If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never Threaten the United States again!’’ US president Donald Trump warned Iran today in a tweet.

The current scenario of the tensions between US-Iran relations seems like precursor to war. The US has deployed a carrier group and B-52 bombers to the Gulf over what it termed ‘Iranian Threats’.

Mahammad Javed Zarif, Iran’s Foreign Minister downplayed the prospect of a new war in the region, saying Tehran opposed it and no party was under the illusion that the Islamic republic could be confronted. However, the trump administration has ordered non-essential diplomatic staff out of Iraq, citing threats from Iran-backed Iraqi armed groups.

Saudi Arabia’s minister of state for foreign affairs Adel Al Jubeir said that Saudi doesn’t want to go to war with Iran but would defend itself and if the other side chooses war the kingdom will respond with strength and determination to defend itself and interests.

As per the Saudi Press Agency report, King of Saudi Arabia, King Salman has invited Gulf leaders and Arab league member states to two emergency summits in mecca on May 30 to discuss recent aggressions and their consequences.