Cloud-proof spy satellite RISAT-2B to strengthen Nation's security cover

News Bharati    22-May-2019

Sriharikota, May 22: India’s ambitious space program took another giant leap towards success today. The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) successfully launched the PSLV-C46’s RISAT-2B. ISRO launches ‘cloud proof’ earth observation spy satellite to keep an eye on Pakistan.

Making another record, The PSLV-Core Alone rocket carried RISAT-2B (Earth observation satellite) in the shortest span of time than any Indian satellite ever.

an After successful launch and stellar performances by all 4 stages of the rocket, the payload was released into its planned orbit at 557 Km altitude, at an inclination of 37 degrees.


RISAT-2B was released into orbit at around 15 minutes 30 seconds into the launch order.

RISAT-2B is a powerful new radar earth observation satellite that is due to take over from RISAT-1. Both are part of a series of satellites that can observe weather conditions on Earth using radar imagery irrespective of the day- or nighttime, or weather conditions on the ground.


The PSLV-C46 mission is ISRO's 48 PSLV launch, and the 14th PSLV Core-Alone (CA) mission.

RISAT-2 – the first satellite in the series before RISAT-2B – was the first satellite in the series to have also had surveillance capabilities. RISAT-1 was launched later, to become India’s first all-weather radar imaging satellite.

In the post-launch briefing, ISRO’s chief, K Sivan said, “The upcoming mission is the most challenging one ISRO has ever undertaken, But I'm certain that ISRO will be ready to take on the big challenge and see the mission till its success”.

For the second consecutive launch endeavor, ISRO made provisions for the general public to view the launch from a newly-built viewing gallery at the Satish Dhawan Space Centre.

After the success of the mission, ISRO was showered with appreciation and wishes-