Cheerful welcome to Modi 2.0 from Indians around the world!

News Bharati    29-May-2019

New Delhi, May 29: The magnificent results of Lok Sabha elections are not just celebrated by Indians but also appreciated by the world. The NRIs from every nook and corner of the world cherished the beginning of Modi 2.0. Now, the survey carried out among US-based Non-Resident Indians has revealed that 93.3% supports the re-election of PM Narendra Modi to power. 

The survey published by the Foundation of India and Indian Diaspora studies (FIIDS), showed that NRIs in the US marked almost perfect score for the MEA under Modi govt.


Here are so facts about HIIDS survey-

  • 95.55% of the survey participants voted favorably for the MEA’s performance. In another interesting measure, 92% of them said that under the Modi government India had become better respected globally.
  • The survey-takers were also questioned over other schemes and programs launched by the NDA government in India, such as Make in India, Digital India, and Startup India.
  • Moreover, 92% of NRIs also said that they approved of the way the Modi government had tackled terrorism.
  • The highest percentage of survey takers, at 97%, agreed that the NDA government had not witnessed scams.
  • 82.5% of NRIs observed lesser religious riots and issues under the Modi government.
  • 63.3% NRIs felt that Ram Janmabhoomi and Sabarimala issues were important for the 2019 election.
  • Over 81% of the NRIs said that GST and demonetization moves were better for India in the long term.
  • 90.3% expressed that India was on the path towards growth, the survey said.
  • More than 97 % expressed that the government had been free of scams.