Post formal consent concerns, Big Daddy Casino gets set to serve visitants in Goa

News Bharati    09-May-2019
Panaji, May 9: Being marked as one of the biggest and modern gaming destinations of the continent, Big Daddy Casino, an offshore dice joint with no limits tables, is all set to serve the Indian Markets from today at Goa, with an 11 day extra flight of fancies.
“Bringing in more tourists, seen as a source of potential revenue and a panacea to economic and tourism woes, this particular commencement aims at generating revenue, employment and boosting tourism for the state”, Big Daddy said in a statement.
Set off the coast of Mandovi river, Big Daddy Casino is an offshore casino that creates a unique blend of grand gaming and high living experience. Several feeder boats are in place to ferry visitors to the offshore Casino ship.
Revenue Minister Rohan Khaunte had earlier publicly expressed discontent over allowing another Casino vessel in River Mandovi. Despite having no permissions under Indian Vessels Act, the vessel had entered Mandovi River in the month of March this year. Port Minister Jayesh Salgaonkar was the first minister to express his disappointment.
“I strongly oppose the entry of the Big Daddy in the Mandovi. We have almost finalized a policy to drive out the existing vessels and clear the River Mandovi and this is a sign of disappointment. Bureacracy rules the state while we watch in disappointment,” Khaunte had tweeted. Congress Party too had expressed its objection to the casino vessel.
Giving visitors a chance to witness various fun acts, the ship will be serving world class gourmet cuisine, beverages and several other surprises. However, following the District Magistrates guidelines over the Model Code of Conduct in North Goa, it has some strict rules set for serving alcoholic beverages.