Indian embassy cautions Indian job aspirants in UAE

News Bharati    09-May-2019

Abu Dhabi, May 9: Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi and the Indian Consulate in Dubai have cautioned that Indians seeking jobs in the UAE must authenticate their employment offers and permit visas before arriving in the country. Amid cases of duping and visa frauds, the Consulate in Dubai said that job aspirant should not come on visit visas.


The Embassy in Abu Dhabi used its account on social networking sites to caution job hunters to follow the standard procedure, and obtain a valid work permit and employment letter before reaching the UAE.

Government of India had earlier said that starting from January 2019, registration is mandatory for all Indian nationals holding an employment visa in all the 18-emigration check required (ECR) countries. Expats with a valid employment visa have to register in the portal

Also, it has been noticed that to report if there is any delay in payment of salary by their employer.

The Embassy also shared videos of Indians who fell victim to fraudulent recruitment agents.


According to information from the Embassy's Twitter handle, Vikram Kumar from Pali, Rajasthan, was duped by an illegal agent from Mumbai. He said that he had paid Rs55,000 (Dh2,800 approx) to the agent and travelled to the UAE from Mumbai on a visit visa. He was repatriated to India.


In another incident, Anjali Caru from Krishna district in Andhra Pradesh, was trapped by an illegal agent and came to UAE on a visit visa. She holds an ECR passport and said the illegal agent instructed her to mislead the immigration officer.