Proud smiles lingers on Indian faces as they travel in 'Made in India' Sydney metro

News Bharati    10-Jun-2019

Sydney, June 10: This is nothing but a moment of pride when our nation achieving a significant achievement mark as Sydney recently opened it's 'Made in India' driver-less metro line which will be served by 22 such trains of six coaches each developed and manufactured by Alstom at its Sri City facility in Andhra Pradesh.


While scrolling the twitter pages we can see happy faces of Indians residing in Australia and proudly travelling in the trains. One of the Indian kid is seen saying, “Welcome to Sydney Metro, Made in India, Jai Hind!”


In another post, a father-son duo has posted, “#madeinindia brand new Sydney Metro carriages made in India.”


One Indian over there said, “Feeling proud boarding Sydney metro ... Made in India”


Every Indian is happy to see them happy there.

The fully-automated ‘Made in India' train features the latest in passenger information systems, as well as areas for prams, luggage, bicycles, wheelchair spaces and separate priority seating for those with reduced mobility.

Sydney Metro train features:

Level access between the platform and train and three double doors per side per carriage for faster loading and unloading.

Heating and air-conditioning in all metro trains.

A new generation of fast, safe and reliable metro train.

At all times, a team of expert train controllers will monitor Sydney Metro, making sure everything runs smoothly.

Wheelchair spaces, separate priority seating and emergency intercoms inside trains.

Continuous mobile phone coverage throughout the metro network.

Two multi-purpose areas per train for prams, luggage and bicycles.