Revive the inspiring journey of Anupam Kher; pre order to grab a copy now!

News Bharati    24-Jun-2019

New Delhi, June 24: One of the best veteran actors of Bollywood Anupam Kher, announced the release of his autobiography on Saturday. The actor started writing the autobiography at a tender age of 10 years, will share his life with the audience through the book.


Sharing the news, Kher said, "I started writing my autobiography at the age of 10... Because I have lived my life so fully I developed an almost photographic memory of most events - re-calling at will reminiscences both big and small - encounters and events, visual and voices, sounds and smells. It is pure magic that my autobiography is now organically gaining a voice, shedding light on the people who have touched my life, holding a mirror to my existence - a pulsing chord that links the 10-year-old to the person I am today."

The cover of the repertoire features a close up of Anupam. Dressed in black, the actor can be seen putting his both hands on his cheeks.


Giving a sneak peek into the book, the following lines are written on the cover: "A fascinating life story peppered with incredible life lessons that are bound to resonate with every aspiring artiste and, most of all, the common man."

You can pre order a copy for you by clicking on this link: