Is the beginning of web sign-in war? Apple for privacy push introduces ‘Sign-in with Apple’

News Bharati    04-Jun-2019
San Fransico, Jun 4: Apple Inc. is one of the most consumer privacy centered companies in the world. Apple always comes up with new features to secure the privacy of the user. Now, on Monday, Apple launched a ‘Sign-in With Apple’ function challenging Facebook and Google log-in accounts for the protection of user’s information.
Normally when user log-in with Facebook and Google to 3rd party app, the apps often share valuable data with Google and Facebook, this is what Apple wants to stop.
Apple announced the move at its annual software developer conference in San Jose, California, where it also showed new features for its operating systems for iPhones, iPads, and Macs and said it would retire the iTunes app after 18 years in favor of separate apps for music, movies, and podcasts.
Apple also stiffened controls on location tracking, saying it would stop apps from scanning Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks to guess a user’s location even when the user has disabled tracking.
Apple has emphasized privacy in an effort to set itself from rivals such as Facebook and Google, both of whom use data to boost its advertising businesses and whose practices have come under scrutiny.
“Location-based tracking, for example, is much more nefarious than most people realize,” said Bob O’Donnell, head of TECHnalysis Research. “You can find out more about someone from their location than things like what they’re searching for.”
While addressing the issue, Apple said, “features like the web sign-on are likely to drive brand loyalty by making it easier for users to log into apps without having to juggle multiple passwords”.
Further, Apple said, “You look at all these regulations that have come down...and the goal of them is to give consumers more control over their data. Apple is saying if you guys aren’t going to do it - and they’re talking to the other big companies - we’ll do it for our customers”.