Want gun license in Madhya Pradesh? Then plant trees and take selfie

News Bharati    04-Jun-2019

Bhopal, June 4: In Madhya Pradesh, in a unique kind of initiative, the tree will now have to be planted for the license of arms. It has now been started from Gwalior, but it can be implemented in other districts as well.


After planting the tree, the applicant of license has to take care of it for a month and then will take a selfie with plant and submit along with application form for a license. Gwalior-Chambal region of the state is known for its infatuation with firearms.

Gwalior district collector Anurag Choudhary informed that Gun license seekers will need to plant at least ten saplings. The applicant will be required to take care of the saplings for a month, click a selfie with them immediately after planting and a month later, and attach the pictures with the application.

To further, verify that the condition has been fulfilled, a report will also be sought from the Patwari, a local government official.

The condition will be relaxed only if the license- seeker is facing an immediate threat to life. In such cases, the applicant would be required to plant saplings after getting the license.

The district administration is also thinking of making tree plantation a condition for issuing permissions for petrol pumps and stone crushers.