A drone, Blood Sample, 30 Kms, 18 mins……

News Bharati    08-Jun-2019

Dehradun, June 8: Sometimes technology does that work which is not possible for humans; an example was set up in Uttarakhand when a drone carried a blood sample 30 kilometres away in just 18 minutes. In a first-of-its-kind experiment conducted on Friday in Uttarakhand, a drone carrying a blood sample was sent from a district hospital in Nandgaon to another primary health centre in Tehri. As the experiment was successful, it might turn out to be a big step for health services in India.


The drone covered a distance between 30 km between Nandgaon and Tehri in approximately 18 minutes. This means that the drone was quick enough to travel at the speed of 100 km per hour.

A doctor at the Tehri hospital said, "It was a successful trial run. The hospital was 30 km away but blood was transported within 18 min. It'll be helpful for patients in remote areas." The experiment was conducted in a bid to discover ways to make blood supplies conducive in remote areas.

The unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) transported the blood sample in 18 minutes, which could have taken up to 60-80 minutes if it was taken by road. This could be a big boon for people living in rural areas where there is a lack of proper roads and medical facilities.


The initiative was part of an ongoing telemedicine project in Tehri Garhwal. The blood samples were carried along with a cool kit which ensured that they did not get spoilt, he said.

The drone was manufactured by the CDSpace Robotics Limited. The company is owned by an IIT alumnus, Nikhil Upadhye, who manufactures next-generation drones.

The drone has the capacity to carry 500 grams of weight and can travel up to 50 km on a single charge.