Ahead of #Chandrayaan 2, let's know more intriguing information about Moon mission!

News Bharati    10-Jul-2019
Bengaluru, Jul. 10: One of the most complex Moon expeditions, India’s 2nd Moon Expedition, Chandrayaan 2 will soar in space on 15th July. Chandrayaan 2 will reach to South pole of the Moon where not a single country has touched yet. It is also India’s 1st Rover based mission.

Ahead of this fascinating Moon Mission, Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) posted a tweet around one of the most puzzling scientific debates in the world: the origin of the Moon.
Where Did Moon come from?” tweeted the Indian space agency along with an image, explaining the four existing theories behind Moon's origin.
The existing theories about Moon’s birth-
Fission Theory
The Earth's rotational speed caused the Moon to split from the planet, while its gravitational pull anchored this fragment to become our natural satellite.
Giant Impact Hypothesis
A collision between the Earth and another celestial body caused a segment of the planet to break off and become the Moon.
Co-accretion Theory
A single cloud of gas created the Moon and the Earth while orbiting a black hole.
Capture Theory
The Moon was an untethered object before it was captured by the Earth's gravitational field during a fly by.
After giving this information, ISRO asked, “Which of these theories is correct?”, while adding, “Is there a fifth alternative that no one else has considered?"
ISRO also tweeted, “We are looking to find the answer to these questions and more through Chandrayaan 2 — the world’s first mission to the Moon’s south polar region! CHANDRAYAAN 2 will uncover these answers and more!”
Chandrayaan 2 is the dream of every Indian. One of the most complex Chandrayaan 2 weighs 3.8-tonne and consists of an orbiter with eight scientific experiments, a lander with three experiments, a rover with two experiments and an experiment from the US space agency NASA.